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Integrative Business Mentoring &

Functional IT Support

  • Do you want to start your OWN BUSINESS, but have NO IDEA what to do or where to start?
  • Or have you already started your small business, but could really do with a confidence boost to take your business to that elusive ‘next level’?
Want a solution? Read on...

Mary-Lou and Augustine have teamed up to combine,

and bring YOU

the best of our skills, experience, successes and qualifications

in business building strategies and support requirements.

With Mary-Lou’s business acumen as your ‘Integrative Business Mentor

to initiate encourage and drive the strategies to grow your Business Dreams,

and Augustine’s critical virtual online IT and Administrative Support skills, we bring you

an inspiring level of growth potential for your business creation goals

Start where you are;

Use what you have;

Do what you can!

... and let us take you to a place where you can't take yourself!