Business Mentoring

Embarking on a new business venture or relaunching your existing business is akin to a leap of faith... no guaranteed success. Interestingly though, a 'leap of faith' - even under difficult circumstances, usually indicates a level of passion for the type of business you are embarking on, which typically bodes well for the Outcomes. This is because passion, followed by strategic 'action-with-intention', creates a formula for success.

YOU bring the Passion…

WE bring the Support...

TOGETHER, we steer you toward creating

the business you dream of!

If You bring the Passion, your mentor can assess your current situation (including potential difficulties you may be experiencing in terms of moving forward. Together you will explore your ideas and dreams, and your Desired Outcomes for your business. Creating Strategy and Intention is the next level, and then, together, you move forward with focused, action based strategies and recommendations to take you to that ‘next level’ and beyond.

Initial Session

The initial session enables the mentor to 'get into your 'Business head' and assess your Desired Outcomes (goals). She also learns about your type of business in this session, and get to know what drives and motivates you. She will then create a goal-driven Action Plan with you to progress to the next level.

The set up phase needs brainstorming and throwing around of thoughts and ideas, and free writing is often very useful as a tool, to achieve that step. Financial viability of the business is equally essential to be clear on and your mentor will chat through this with you as well. .

Ideally, to kick-start the process, it is helpful if you bring information of value to the session, by providing us with the following information prior to your initial 2 hour mentoring session, in order to optimise the content of your discussion.

We encourage our clients to think about the following list and pop them down in bullet form,

which you can email to your mentor once your booking is confirmed.

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